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ARIZONAPHLYCTIDACEAE Letcher [Rhizophlyctidales] MB#511796. Mycolgical Research 112:1031–1048. 2008

ARIZONAPHLYCTIS Letcher [Rhizophlyctidales, Arizonaphlyctidaceae] MB#511799. Mycolgical Research 112:1031–1048. 2008

Arizonaphlyctis lemmonensis Letcher MB#511802. Mycolgical Research 112:1031–1048. 2008
Saprobic; cellulose substrate; soil from dried streambed; Mount Lemmon, ARIZONA, USA

Blyttiomyces Bartsch emended by I.J. Dogma; Kalikasan, Philipp. J. Biol., 8:237–266. 1979
includes key to species. This is probably a polyphyletic genus. See phylogenetic position of B. helicus in Mycologia 98:860–871. 2006

Blyttiomyces aureus Booth; Syesis, 2:141–161, figs. 15–22, 58–61. 1969
B. laevis 1952; T.W. Johnson: Norw. J. Bot. 24:83–88. 1977
Saprobic; pine pollen; occasionally saline soil; Saturna Island, BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA

Blyttiomyces conicus T.W. Johnson; Norw. J. Bot., 24:83–88, figs. 1–24. 1977
Saprobic; pine pollen; water & Sphagnum; stream, Lysekloster, NORWAY

Blyttiomyces exuviae in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982 nomen nudum

Blyttiomyces gregarum in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982 nomen nudum

Blyttiomyces harderi Sparrow & I.J. Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol., 89:177–204, fig. 3, A–I. 1973
Parasitic; Rhizophlyctis rosea; soil; Santo Domingo, DOMNICAN REPUBLIC

Blyttiomyces laevis Sparrow 1952 = Blyttiomyces aureus Booth 1969; T.W. Johnson: Norw. J. bot., 24:83–88. 1977

Blyttiomyces lenis S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 42. 1988
Parasitic; zygospore of Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Blyttiomyces rhizophlyctidis I.J. Dogma; Mycologia, 61:1149–1158, figs. 1–21. 1969
Parasitic; Rhizophlyctis rosea; soil sample from Petersburg, VIRGINIA, USA

Blyttiomyces spinosus S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, figs. 38–41. 1988
?Saprobic; Spirogyra; aquatic habitat, Lucknow, INDIA

Blyttiomyces vaucheriae (Rieth) I.J. Dogma; Mycologia, 61:1149–1158. 1969 = Phlyctochytrium vaucheriae Rieth 1956

Blyttiomyces verrucosus I.J. Dogma; Kalikasan, Phillipp. J. Biol., 8:237–266, figs. 1–17. 1979
Saprobic; pine pollen; ciultivated soils; Sipocot, Camarines Sur, LUZON, PHILIPPINES

BOREALOPHLYCTIDACEAE Letcher [Rhizophlyctidales] MB#511799. Mycological Research 112:1031–1048. 2008

BOREALOPHLYCTIS [Rhizophlyctidales, Borealophlyctidaceae] MB#511800. Mycological Research 112:1031–1048. 2008

Borealophlyctis nickersoniae W.J. Davis, Letcher & M.J. Powell, MB# 812261. Mycologia 108:744–752. 2016. Saprobic; Soil from a blueberry stand with red and jack pines; Englehart, Larder Lake Road, ONTARIO, CANADA

Borealophlyctis paxensis Letcher MB#511803. Mycological Research 112:1031–1048. 2008
Saprobic; pollen bait; aspen-spruce forest soil. Peace River District, BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA

Karlingia Johanson 1944; Sparrow 1960 placed exooperculate spp. in KarlingiomycesKarlingiomyces not accepted by Karling; Sydowia, Beiheft VI., p. 58. 1966. Karlingia is nomenclaturally superfluous, see: W.H. Blackwell and M.J. Powell, 1999. Mycotaxon 70:213–217

Karlingia aurantiaca Karling; Nova Hedwigia 27:747–771, figs. 22–31. 1976
Saprobic; corn leaves; soil; Blantyre, MALAWI

Karlingia exo-operculata Karling; Nova Hedwigia 28:209–229, figs. 1–16. 1976
Saprobic; cellophane bait; soil; Orlando, FLORIDA, USA

Karlingia expandens (Salkin) Karling; Nova Hedwigia 28:209–229. 1976
Ξ Allochytridium expandens Salkin 1970; A. expandens preferred.

Karlingia granulata Karling not Karlingiomyces granulatus (Karling) Sparrow 1960; I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:91–105. 1974

Karlingia lacustris Hassan; Nova Hedwigia, 37:435–440, figs. 1–7. 1983
Saprobic; onion skin bait; Mikolajki Lake; northeast POLAND

Karlingia lobata var. microspora Karling; Nova Hedwigia 40:329–340, Pl. 1, figs. 1–18. 1984
Saprobic; bleached corn cotyledons; soil; LaGuajira, COLOMBIA (South America)

Karlingia polonica Hassan; Nova Hedwigia 38:727–740, figs.1–17, Pl. 1. 1983
Saprobic; onionskin; water, Mlociny Park, POLAND

Karlingia spinosa Karling not Rhizophlyctis spinosa (Karling) Sparrow 1960; I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:91–105. 1974

RHIZOPHLYCTIDALES Letcher [Chytridiomycota]; P.M. Letcher et al. Mycological Research 112:1031–1048

RHIZOPHLYCTIDACEAE Letcher [Rhizophlyctidiales] P.M. Letcher et al. Mycological Research, 112:1031–1048
Also see this publication for epitype of Rhizophlyctis rosea, the type species.

Rhizophlyctis A. Fischer 1892 sensu Sparrow 1960; I.J. Dogma designated R. mastigotrichis (Nowakowski) Fischer as lectotype; Nova Hedwigia 24:393–411.1973; but lectotype predated by designation of R. rosea (De Bary & Woronin) Fischer in Clements & Shear; The Genera of Fungi, p. 235. 1931. See W.H. Blackwell and M.J. Powell 1999. The nomenclatural propriety of Rhizophlyctis rosea. Mycotaxon 70:213–217. Letcher et al designated an epitype for R. rosea; See: Mycol. Res. 112:1035, figs 2A–I, 1039 6A and 1040 7A–D (2008) from observations of culture BR 186,

Rhizophlyctis aurantiaca I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:51–89, Pls. I–III. 1974
Saprobic; chitin; soil; Annapolis, MARYLAND, USA

Rhizophlyctis boninensis Kobayasi & Konno; Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus. 12:725–733, fig. 3 L–Q. 1969
Saprobic; ? cellophane; soil; Chichijima, BONIN ISLANDS

Rhizophlyctis bonseyi Sparrow; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 25:119–143, figs. 29–54. 1965
Saprobic; chitin; soil, margin of reservoir, Maui, HAWAII, USA

Rhizophlyctis columellae S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Indian Phytopathol. 43:564–567, fig. 1. 1990 (1991)
Parasitic; zygospore of Spirogyra sp.; tank; Lucknow U., INDIA

Rhizophlyctis costatus Konno; Sci. Rep. Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku Sect. B. 14:227–292, Pl. 8, A–D. 1972
Saprobic; cicada wings; forest soil; Ohdaigahara (Nara Prefecture), JAPAN

Rhizophlyctis fuscus Karling; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 23:215–222, figs. 12–21. 1964
Saprobic; human & snake skin, corn leaf; soil; Madras, INDIA

Rhizophlyctis harderi Uebelm. Archiv fur Mikrobiologie 25:324. 1956. nom. inval.; lacked Latin description
Uebelmesseromyces harderi M.J. Powell & Letcher MB#810749. Mycologia 107:419–431. 2015

Rhizophlyctis hirsutus Karling; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 23:215–222, figs. 22–26. 1964
Saprobic; skin, corn leaves, hemp seed; soil; dry rice paddy, Madras, INDIA

Rhizophlyctis lovettii Karling; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 23:215–222, figs. 1–11. 1964
Saprobic; human fibrin film; soil; Madras, INDIA

Rhizophlyctis oceanis Karling; Amer. J. Bot. 56:211–221 figs. 1–108. 1969
Saprobic; purified shrimp chitin; soil; Pitcairn et al. Islands, OCEANIA

Rhizophlyctis oceanis var. floridaensis Karling; Nova Hedwigia 28:209–229, figs. 17–28. 1976;
Saprobic; chitin; soil; flower garden, FLORIDA, USA

Rhizophlyctis petersenii var. appendiculata Karling; Sydowia 20:96–108, figs. 60–67. 1967
Saprobic; corn leaves and chitin; soil and water; NEW ZEALAND.

Rhizophlyctis reynoldsii I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:51–89, Pl. VII., figs. 1–19. 1974
Saprobic; chitin; leaf litter, Rangoon, BURMA

Rhizophlyctis rosea (de Bary & Woronin) A. Fisch., Rabenh. epitype P.M. Letcher et al. Mycological Research 112:1030–1048. 2008

Rhizophlyctis serpentina I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:51–89, Pl. IV–VI, Figs. 1–45. 1974
Saprobic; chitin bait; soil & leaf litter; widespread, CAMEROON

Rhizophlyctis sp. Canter & Ingold; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 82:739–742, figs. 1–26. 1984
Parasitic; Dacrymyces stillatus conidia; Downs, S. Oxfordshire, U.K.

Rhizophlyctis tropicalis Sparrow & I.J. Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol. 89:77–204, fig. 4, A–M. 1973
Saprobic; lens paper and onion skin baits; soil; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Rhizophlyctis variabilis Karling; Sydowia 20:96–108, figs. 68–81. 1967
Saprobic; bleached corn leaves; soil; NEW ZEALAND

Rhizophlyctis variabilis var. burmaensis I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia, 25:51–89, Pl. VIII, figs. 1–20. 1974
Saprobic; chitin; soil & leaf litter; BURMA

Rhizophlyctis willoughbyi Konno; Sci. Rept. Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku Sect. B. 14:227–292. Pl. 7, A–D. 1972
Saprobic; bee wings, cicada wings, and snake skin; soils; widespread, JAPAN