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The Collection of Zoosporic Eufungi at the University of Michigan (CZEUM) is a repository of zoosporic true fungi. We aim to support researchers and educators who wish to incorporate these fungi into their work. We have historically relevant collections and aim to grow in ways that can support the community.


The small staff of CZEUM includes the Curator, Dr. Timothy Y. James and Collection Manager, Dr. Alison Harrington with occasional support from wonderful curatorial assistants. Please direct questions regarding use of the collection to


The Collection of Zoosporic Eufungi at the University of Michigan (CZEUM) was founded through the transfer to the University of Michigan of the research culture collections of Dr. Joyce E. Longcore (University of Maine) and Dr. Martha Powell and Dr. Peter Letcher (University of Alabama). Much of the work in transferring, setting up the collection, and developing protocols for use and distribution were the hard work of Dr. Rabern Simmons, now at Purdue University Herbarium.

CZEUM was established with support from the National Science Foundation Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR) program in order to safeguard these resources, which have been fundamental in taxonomic revision of the chytrid fungi over the last 30+ years. These two collections have been by far the most influential and consequential for scientific research on systematics of chytrids. Moreover, the Longcore collection contains a large number of strains of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (the amphibian killing pathogen), including the ex-type strain. Support from NSF Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy for the Rhizophydiales and Spizellomycetales to Powell and Longcore makes CZEUM very strong in these groups as well. The collection also contains strains of the blastoclad Allomyces from Ralph Emerson transferred from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center. CZEUM currently comprises ~1000 strains that are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen freezers at the University of Michigan Research Museums Center.

CZEUM represents a unique resource for the study of chytrid and blastoclad fungi, made possible through the tireless work of the most important chytrid biologists of the turn of the century. We are proud to assist fellow researchers and teachers in continuing the study and appreciation of these magnificent members of the Kingdom Fungi. In 2019, the CZEUM website was established to provide researchers with information on the viable members of the Joyce E. Longcore (JEL) collection and to make available chytrid and blastoclad cultures for research and teaching for a modest recharge rate.

For more information on Joyce Longcore, please follow this link Biography of Dr. Joyce E. Longcore.

For more information on Martha Powell, please follow this link Biography of Dr. Martha Powell.