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LACUSTROMYCES Longcore [Polychytriales] Canad. J. Bot. 71:414–425. 1993

Lacustromyces hiemalis Longcore; Canad. J. Bot. 71:414–425, figs. 1–42. 1993
Saprobic; chitin; lakes, MAINE, USA

LIEBETANZOMYCES polymorphus Joshi, G.W. Griff. & Dagar. IF554794 and IF554795. [Neocallimastigomycota; Neocallimastigales]; MycoKeys 40:89–110. 2018
Saprobic; rumen of goat; PUNE, INDIA.

LOBULOMYCETALES D.R. Simmons [Chytridiomycota] Mycological Research 113:450–460. 2009

LOBULOMYCETACEAE D.R. Simmons [Lobulomycetales] Mycological Research 113:50–460. 2009

LOBULOMYCES D.R. Simmons; [Lobulomyctales, Lobulomycetaceae] Mycological Research 113:450–460. 2009

Lobulomyces angularis (Longcore) D.R. Simmons; Mycological Research 113:450–460. 2009
ΞChytriomyces angularis Longcore Mycologia 84:442–451. 1992

Lobulomyces poculatus (Willoughby & Townley) D.R. Simmons. Mycological Research 113:450–460.
ΞChytriomyces poculatus Willoughby & Townley) Transactions of the British Mycological Society 44:183. 1961

LYONOMYCES Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia, 84:901–910. 1992
Fossil; compared to Rhizophydium.

Lyonomyces pyriformis Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia, 84:901–910, figs. 16–20. 1992
fossil, on outer surface of Paranitella walls; Lower Devonian; Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND


Macrochytrium botrydiella in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982;  Nom. nudum

Macrochytrium botrydioides var. minutum S.N. Dasgupta & R. John (no Latin diagnosis); Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 67. 1988
Saprobic; submerged pears as bait; tank; Lucknow U., INDIA

MAUNACHYTRIUM D.R. Simmons [Lobulomycetales, Lobulomycetaceae]; Mycological Research 113:450–460. 2009

Maunachytrium keaense D.R. Simmons Mycological Research 113:450–460. 2009.
Saprobic, pollen bait, soil, Mauna kea, HAWAII

MESOCHYTRIACEAE Karpov & Aleoshin [Chytridiomycetes, Mesochytriales] MB#805304. Persoonia 32:115–126. 2014

MESOCHYTRIALES Karpov & Aleoshin [Chytridiomycetes] MB#805303. Persoonia 32:115–126. 2014

MESOCHYTRIUM Gromov, B. V., Mamkaeva, K.A., and Pljusch, A.V. Nova Hedwigia 71:151–160. 2000; in Mesochytriaceae, Mesochytriales, see Persoonia 32:115–126. 2014

Mesochytrium penetrans Gromov, B. V., Mamkaeva, K.A., and Pljusch, A.V. Nova Hedwigia 71:151–160. 2000;
Parasitic; Chlorococcum minutum; small lake, Karelia; RUSSIA
emend Karpov Persoonia 32:115–126. 2014

MICROALLOMYCES Emerson & Robertson [Blastocladiomycota; Blastocladiales] Amer. J. Bot., 61:303–317. 1974

Microallomyces dendroideus Emerson & Robertson; Amer. J. Bot. 61:303–317, figs. 1–13. 1974
Saprobic; house fly bait; damp soil from dried pond, COSTA RICA

Micromyces furcata Rieth; Kulturpflanze, Beiheft 3:286–295, Pl. 2 A–H. 1962
Parasitic; Spirogyra longata; Stechlinsee region; GERMANY

Micromyces grandis Miller 1955 Ξ Synchytrium grandis (Miller) Karling; “Synchytrium“, Academic Press, NY. p. 124. 1964

MICROMYCOPSIDACEAE Subramanium; Curr. Sci. 43:722–723. 1974. Family not included by D.J.S. Barr; HP, p. 463, 1990.

MILLEROMYCES Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia 84:901–910, 1992 
Fossil genus compared to Endochytrium.

Milleromyces rhyniensis Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia 84:901–910, figs. 2–15. 1992
Fossil associated with Palaeonitella cells; Lower Devonian; Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND, UK.

Miller’s dentate” = named as Odontochytrium milleri Ve´lez and Letcher, MB#801484. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013

Mitochytridium regale S.K.M. Hassan; Acta Mycol. 18:155–160, figs.1–4, Pl. I. (1982) 1986
Saprobic; snake skin bait; pond; Lazienki Royal Garden, Warsaw, POLAND

MITOSPORIDIUM [Microsporidia] described as new genus under zoological code by Haag KL et al. PNAS 111:15480–15485. 2014

Mitosporidium daphniae species authors not designated. Haag KL et al. PNAS 111:15480–15485. 2014. Described under zoological code but lacked designation of type; therefore not validly published. Of interest is that Microsporidia are excluded from the “International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants,” yet the Haag et al publication presents additional evidence for the relationship of the Microsporidia with the Chytridiomycota and other fungi.

MONOBLEPHARIDOMYCETES J.H. Schaffn., Ohio Nat. 9:449 (1909) as Monoblepharideae.
Recognized again as a class in Mycological Research 111:509–547. 2007

MONOBLEPHARIDALES Emended description as for Monoblepharidomycetes. Hibbett et al. Mycological Research 111:509–547. 2007

Monoblepharidaceae Fischer contains Monoblepharis and Monoblepharella, See: Mollicone and Longcore. Mycologia 91:727–734. 1999

Monoblepharella placed in Monoblepharidaceae by A. Batko; ZH, p. 249–250. 1975; Also placed in Monoblepharidaceae, perhaps accidentally, by D.J.S. Barr, HP, p.463; See: Mollicone and Longcore. Mycologia 91:727–734. 1999

Monoblepharis micrandra Sparrow; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 48:55–58, fig. 1 A–G. 1965
Saprobic; twigs; shrubby swamp, Rifle River Recreation Area, MICHIGAN, USA

Monoblepharis thalassinosus M. Elias; The Palaeobotanist 14:5–18, fig. 26.
Saprobic, marine; zoarium of Heteropora neozelanica (Bryozoan). Nomen dubium.

MONOPHAGUS in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:215. 1982;  nomen nudum

Monophagus blackmanii in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:215. 1982;  nomen nudum

Monophagus bruhlii in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:215. 1982;  nomen nudum


NEOCALLIMASTIGACEAE Heath [Neocallimastigales] Canad. J. Bot. 61:295–307. 1983
Emended by Barr et al.; Canad. J. Bot., 67:2815–2824. 1989

NEOCALLIMASTIGALES J. Li, Heath, & Packer [Neocallimastigomycota]; Canad. J. Bot. 71:393–407. 1993.
Review: Li & Heath; Canad. J. Microbiol. 39:1003–1013. 1993
Review: Trinci et al.; Mycol. Res. 98:129–152. 1994
Taxonomy: Y.W. Ho & D.J.S. Barr; Mycologia, 87:656–678. 1995

NEOCALLIMASTIGOMYCOTA M.J. Powell. For description and Latin diagnosis see: Hibbett et al. Mycological Research 111:509–547. 2007

NEOCALLIMASTIGOMYCETES M.J. Powell. For description and Latin diagnosis see: Hibbett et al. Mycological Research 111:509–547. 2007

NEOCALLIMASTIX Vavra & Joyon ex Heath [Neocallimastigales] Canad. J. Bot. 61:295–307. 1983
Emended by Orpin & Munn, Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 86:178–181, figs. 1–4. 1986
Ξ Neocallimastix Vavra & Joyon (no Latin); Protistologica, 2:5–15, Pl. 1–6. 1966

Neocallimastix californiae O’Malley, Theodorou & Solomon IF551675; Fungal Diversity 78:187–193. 2016
Feces of goat at the Santa Barbara Zoo, CALIFORNIA, USA

Neocallimastix frontalis (Braune) Vavra & Joyon ex Heath; Can. J. Bot., 61:295–307. 1983
Lectotype: see Y.W. Ho & D.J.S. Barr; Mycologia 87:656–678. 1995
Ξ Callimastix frontalis Braune 1913. Y.W. Ho & D.J.S. Barr placed the following in synonymy; Mycologia, 87:656–678. 1995
N. variabilis Y.W. Ho & D.J.S. Barr 1993
N. patriciarum Orpin & E.A. Munn 1986

Neocallimastix hurleyensis Theodorou & J. Webb Canad. J. Bot. 69:1220–1224, figs. 1–7. 1991
Saprobic; plant materials; rumen of sheep; U.K.
? = Neocallimastix frontalis (Braune) Heath; D.J.S. Barr: Mycotaxon, 54:203–214. 1995

Neocallimastix joyonii Breton et al.; FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 58:309–314, figs. 1–2. 1989
Saprobic; straw; rumen of sheep; France
Ξ Orpinomyces joyonii (Breton et al.) Li et al. 1991

Neocallimastix patriciarum Orpin & Munn Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 86:178–181, figs. 1–4. 1986
Saprobic; plant tissues; rumen of sheep
Neocallimastix frontalis (Braune) Heath; D.J.S. Barr: Mycotaxon, 54:203–214. 1995

Neocallimastix variabilis Y.W. Ho & D.J.S. Barr; Mycotaxon 46:241–258, figs. 1–10. 1993
Saprobic; guinea grass (Panicum maximum); rumen of Bos indicus; Peninsular MALAYSIA
Neocallimastix frontalis (Braune) Heath; D.J.S. Barr: Mycotaxon 54:203–214. 1995

NEOKARLINGIA Longcore & D. R. Simmons [Polychytriales]. MB#561586. Mycologia 104:276–294. 2011

Neokarlingia chitinophila (Karling) Longcore & D. R. Simmons. MB#561587. Mycologia 104:276–294. 2011
Karlingia chitinophila Karling, Mycologia 41:506, Figs. 1–8. 1949
Rhizophlyctis chitinophila (Karling) Sparrow, Aquatic Phycomycetes p. 444. 1960

Nephrochytrium bipes Hassan; Nova Hedwigia 38:727–740, figs. 18–28, Pl. 2. 1983
Saprobic; onion skin; pond; near Warsaw, POLAND

Nephrochytrium buttermerense Willoughby; Nova Hedwigia 3:439–444, Pls. 114–116. 1961
Saprobic; cellophane bait; submerged mud; Buttermere, E.L.D., U.K.
Ξ Diplophlyctis buttermerense (Willoughby) I.J. Dogma 1969. Not D. butermerense (Willoughby) I.J. Dogma; A. Batko; ZH, p. 220. 1975

Nephrochytrium complicatum Willoughby; Nova Hedwigia 3:439–444, Pls. 112, 113. 1961;
Saprobic; chitin bait; submerged lake mud; Ennerdale, E.L.D., U.K.
Ξ Diplophlyctis complicata (Willoughby) I.J. Dogma 1974; combination also made by A. Batko; ZH, p.186. 1975

Nephrochytrium sexuale (Haskins) A. Batko; ZH, p. 220. 1975 Ξ Diplophlyctis sexualis Haskins 1950

Nowakowskiella crassa Karling 1949; = Nowakowskiella elegans (Nowakowski) Schroeter 1893 ; T.W. Johnson. Mycologia 69:34–45. 1977

Nowakowskiella delica Whiffen 1943 = Nowakowskiella elegans (Nowakowski) Schroeter 1893; T.W. Johnson. Mycologia 69:34–45. 1977

Nowakowskiella elegans (Nowak.) Schroeter 1893
N. crassa Karling 1949, = N. delica Whiffen 1943
N. endogena Constantineau 1901
N. profusa Karling 1944; T.W. Johnson: Mycologia 69:34–45. 1977

Nowakowskiella granulata Karling 1944 =? Cladochytrium granulatum (Karling) Sparrow 1960.
Karling did not agree with Sparrow’s 1960 placement in Cladochytrium; Sydowia, Beiheft VI. p. 66. 1966

Nowakowskiella keratinophila S.K.M. Hassan & A. Batko Acta Mycol. 22:193–196, figs. 1–7, 1986 (1988);
Saprobic; snake skin bait; brackish water; Bay Zalew Wislany, POLAND

Nowakowskiella methistemichroma A. Batko & S.K.M. Hassan; +key to Nowakowskiella spp. Sydowia 35:27–36, figs. 1–21. 1982
Saprobic; onion skin bait; water and mud; Kampinos National Park, POLAND

Nowakowskiella moubasherana S.K.M. Hassan Acta Mycol. 19:77–82, figs. 1–18 & Pl. I. 1983;
Saprobic; onion skin bait; Sphagnum bog water; near Warsaw, POLAND

Nowakowskiella multispora Karling; Sydowia 17:314–319, figs.1–8. 1964
Saprobic; corn leaves and cellophane; soil; dry catch basin, Rhamnad Dist., INDIA

Nowakowskiella multispora Karling var. longa Kiran & Dayal; Acta Botanica Indica 20:303–304, figs. 1–8. 1993
Saprobic; pond water; leaf litter, insect wings and cellophane; Ramkatora (Varanasi), U.P. INDIA. No type, no Latin.

Nowakowskiella pitcairnensis Karling; Nova Hedwigia 15:191–201, figs. 1–19. 1968
Saprobic; hemp seed bait; soil; Pitcairn, OCEANIA

Nowakowskiella profusa Karling 1944 = Nowakowskiella elegans (Nowakowski) Schroeter 1893; T.W. Johnson: Mycologia 69:34–45

Nowakowskiella profusa forma constricta Kobayasi & Konno; Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus. 14:373–386, fig. 3, A–B. 1971
Saprobic; cellophane; soil; Papua, TERRITORY OF NEW GUINEA AND SOLOMON ISLANDS

Nowakowskiella sculptura Karling; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 44:453–457, figs. 1–24. 1961
Saprobic; cellophane bait; soil; Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA, USA

NOWAKOWSKIELLACEAE Sparrow ex S.E. Mozley-Standridge [Cladochytriales] in Mozley-Standridge et al. Mycological Research 113:498—507