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Achlyogeton [doubtful member of Chytridiomycetes] See W.H. Blackwell and M.J. Powell. Mycotaxon 64:91–99. 1997

Amphicypellus Ingold 1944 = Chytriomyces Karling 1945. Dogma, I.J., Jr., Philipp. J. Biol. 5:121–142 (p. 136) 1976. Dogma lists Chytriomyces as nomen conservandum.

Amphicypellus elegans Ingold 1944 = Chytriomyces elegans (Ingold) I.J. Dogma; Philipp. J. Biol. 5:121–142 (p. 136). 1976

ARNAUDOVIA Valkanov; Arch. Protistenk., 106:553–564. 1963 (no Latin diagnosis) = Polyphagus; Karling: CI, p. 174. 1977

Arnaudovia hyponeustonica Valkanov (no Latin diagnosis); Arch. Protistenk., 106:553–564, Pls. 40–43. 1963. = Polyphagus hyponeustonica (Valkanov) Karling 1977
Parasitic; PhacotusTrachelomonasStrombomonas spp.; ditch; Longoza, BULGARIA

ASTEROPHLYCTACEAE Doweld [Chytridiales] Index Fungorum 91:1 (2014), emend Letcher & M.J. Powell in Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018

Asterophlyctis irregularis Karling; Sydowia, 20:96–108, figs. 1–16. 1967 = Septosperma irregularis (Karling) I.J. Dogma 1974.
Saprobic; chitin bait; water containing Characeae; Lake Ohau, NEW ZEALAND. Rejected as a species of Asterophlyctis.

Asterophlyctis michiganensis Letcher & M.J. Powell MB#826903. Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018
Saprobic; chitin bait, Douglas Lake, Cheboygan County, MICHIGAN, USA. Ex-type strain = JEL186

Asterophlyctis sarcoptoides H.E. Petersen 1903. = Diplophlyctis sarcoptoides (H.E. Petersen) I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia, 25:121–141. 1974. I reject Dogma’s change of this species to the genus Diplophlyctis as do Letcher and Powell, who emend (MB#195453) the species; Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018. A. sarcoptoides, as represented by JEL186, is in the Chytriomycetaceae (Vélez et al. Mycologia 103:118–130. 2011) but Letcher and Powell have placed JEL186 in a new species and have named strain WJD209 as the epitype strain.

AVACHYTRIUM Vélez & Letcher [Chytridiales, Chytriomycetaceae] MB#801481. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013

Avachytrium platense Vélez & Letcher. MB#801482. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013
Saprobic; pollen bait; water from Iberá Lake; Corrientes Province, ARGENTINA

CANTERIA Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971 based on Phlyctidium apophysatum Canter 1947

Canteria apophysata (Canter) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971 = Phlyctidium apophysatum Canter 1947

CHYTRIDIACEAE Emend. D.J.S. Barr: Canad. J. Bot., 58:2380–2394. 1980. Emend. P.M. Letcher et al. Canad. J. Bot., 83:1561–1573. Emend. by Vélez et al. MB#80593. Mycologia 103:118–130

Chytridiales Emend. D.J.S. Barr: Canad. J. Bot., 58:2380–2394. 1980
Emend. Letcher & Powell, Mycol. Res. 110:907 (2006)
Emend. S.E. Mozley-Standridge et al. Mycological Research 113:498–507

CHYTRIOMYCETACEAE Letcher [Chytridiales] MB#512387 in Vélez, C.G., P.M. Letcher, S. Schultz, M.J. Powell & P.F. Churchill.Mycologia 103:118–130. 2011. Type species of genera known to be in the ultrastructurally and molecularly defined family include: Asterophlyctis sarcoptoides, Cytriomyces hyalinus, Obelidium mucronatum, Physocladia obscura, Rhizoclosmatium globosum, Rhopalophlyctis sarcoptoides and Phlyctorhiza endogena. Other species in the family include Podochytrium dentatum, Chytriomyces appendiculatus, Chytriomyces spinosus and Entophlyctis luteolus.

CHYTRIDIOMYCETES Caval.–Sm., Biol. Rev. 73:246. 1998

CHYTRIDIOMYCOTA M.J. Powell in Hibbett et al. Mycological Research 111:513. 2007.
For phylogeny, see: T.Y. James et al., Canad. J. Bot. 78:336–350. 2000., T.Y. James et al. Nature 443:818–822. 2006
and T.Y. James et al. Mycologia 98:860–871. 2006

Chytridium Braun (in part) = Diplochytridium Karling 1971. Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. Karling emended genus but W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190
See F.K. Sparrow: Taxon, 22:583–586. 1973 for figs. and location of type slide of C. olla A. Braun.
C. olla, the first described chytridiomycete and type of Chytridium. Emended by Vélez et al.. MB#153717. Mycologia 103:118–130

Chytridium adpressum S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 55. 1988
Saprobic ?; vegetative cell of Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Chytridium aggregatum Karling 1938 = Diplochytridium aggregatum (Karling) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium apophysatum in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol, 35:215. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Chytridium brevipes Braun 1856 = Diplochytridium brevipes (Braun) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium cejpii Fott 1950 = Diplochytridium cejpii (Fott) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium chlorobotryis Fott 1952 = Diplochytridium chlorobotryis (Fott) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium citriforme Sparrow 1952 = (Sparrow) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium closterii S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 66. 1988
Saprobic ?; Closterium; tank; Lucknow U, INDIA

Chytridium codicola Zeller 1918 = Diplochytridium codicola (Zeller) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium coleochaetes Nowakowski 1876 not Rhizophydium coleochaetes (Nowak.) Fischer. Canter;
Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 43:14–18. 1960

Chytridium confervae (Wille) Minden = Chytriomyces confervae (Wille) A. Batko; ZH, p. 210. 1975

Chytridium corniculatum Kobayasi & Konno; Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus., 14:1–18, fig. 6, 1971
Saprobic; pine pollen; sand in fresh water; Angmagssalik, GREENLAND

Chytridium cresentum in S.N. Dasgupta; INDIAn Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Chytridium deltanum Masters; Canad. J. Bot., 49:471–481, figs. 2–4. 1971
Parasitic; Oocystis spp.; phytoplankton; Lake Manitoba, CANADA

Chytridium fusiforme S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 57. 1988
Saprobic; vegetative cell of Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Chytridium gibbosum Scherffel 1902 ≡ Diplochytridium gibbosum (Scherffel) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. = Chytridium schenkii (Dangeard 1886) Scherffel; Johnson: Nova Hedwigia, 23:187–199. 1972
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium hemicysta Knox; 1970 PhD dissertation, VPI, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA; not validly published
Catenochytridium hemicysti Knox 1987

Chytridium horariumforme S.N. Dasgupta & R. John Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 51. 1988
Parasitic; oospore of Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Chytridium hyperparasiticum Kobayasi & Konno; Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus., 14:1–18, fig. 2 B. 1971
Parasitic; sporangium of Rhizophlyctis rosea; soil in water, Angmagssalik, GREENLAND

Chytridium inflatum Sparrow 1933≡ Diplochytridium inflatum (Sparrow) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium isthmiophilum Canter; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 43:660–664, fig. 1. 1960
Parasitic; Staurodesmus curvatus (desmid); plankton, lakes; E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM
≡ Diplochytridium isthmiophilum (Canter) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971

Chytridium kolianum Domján 1936 ≡ Diplochytridium kolianum (Domjan) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium lagenaria Schenk 1858 (pro parte) ≡ Diplochytridium lagenarium (Schenk) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium latipodium in S.N. Dasgupta; INDIAn Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Chytridium mallomonadis Fott; Preslia, 29:278–319, fig. 11:1–4. 1957
Parasitic; Mallomonadis tonsuratae resting spores; pond; Prague, central BOHEMIA
≡ Diplochytridium mallomonadis (Fott) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium marylandicum Paterson; Mycologia, 54:694–703, figs. 1–7, 17 & 18. 1962
Saprobic; matrix of Botryococcus; Blue Pond; Muirkirk, MARYLAND, USA

Chytridium mucronatum Sparrow & M. Barr 1955
≡ Diplochytridium mucronatum (Sparrow & M. Barr) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190.

Chytridium neopapillatum Kobayasi & Konno Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus., 14:1–18, fig. 7 A, 1971
Saprobic; pine pollen; sand in water, Angmagssalik, Greenland

Chytridium oedogonii Couch 1938 ≡ Diplochytridium oedogonii (Couch) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190.

Chytridium olla A. Braun [Chytridiales, Chytridiceae sensu Vélez et al.] MB#153717. Mycologia 103:118–130. 2011. Velez et al (2011) designated figures in Braun’s 1855 publication as lectotype, stating that the type no longer existed. F.K. Sparrow , however, had earlier located and photographed the species from a packet labeled “Chytridium olla A. Br. Oedogonium Landsboroughii, Freiburg in B. legit. A. Braun” in the Institute de Botanique at Strasbourg. See: F.K. Sparrow “The type of Chytridium olla A. Braun”. Taxon 22:583–586. 1973. I believe that the Velez et al. lectotype should, instead, be considered an epitype.

Chytridium ottariense Roane; Mycologia, 65:531–538, figs. 3–14. 1973
Saprobic; Volvox, chitin, snake skin; impoundment; Pulaski County, VIRGINIA, USA

Chytridium parasiticum Willoughby 1956 ≡ Chytriomyces willoughbyi (Willoughby) Karling; Mycopath. Mycol. Appl., 36:165–178. 1968

Chytridium pilosum Kobayasi & Konno; Jap. Bot., 45:325–337, Fig. 2 A–K, 1970
Saprobic; cellophane bait; soil from evergreen forest; Tsushima Island, JAPAN

Chytridium polysiphoniae Cohn. [probable Lobulomycetales]; Küpper et. al., Cryptogamie, Algol. 27:165–184. 2006
Algochytrops polysiphoniae Doweld. MB#550471. Index Fungorum 123, 1, 2014.

Chytridium proliferum Karling; Sydowia, 20:119–128, figs. 16–28. 1967
Saprobic; pollen, corn leaves, snake skin; acidic soil; NEW ZEALAND

Chytridium reniforme S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 54. 1988
Saprobic ?; Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Chytridium schenkii (Dangeard 1886) Scherffel (emended)
Chytridium gibbosum Scherffel 1902; T.W. Johnson; Nova Hedwigia, 23:187–199. 1972;
≡ Diplochytridium schenkii (Dangeard) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971

Chytridium schenkii var. dumontii I.J. Dogma; Philipp. Agric., 57:49–54, figs. 1–21. 1973
Saprobic; cellophane, lens paper, onion skin; moist soil; COLUMBIA, S.A.

Chytridium scherffelii (Scherffel) Sparrow 1936 ≡ Diplochytridium scherffelii (Sparrow) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium sexuale Koch 1951 ≡ Diplochytridium sexuale (Koch) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971
W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium sparrowii S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. INDIA, 30:1–82, fig. 56. 1988
Saprobic ?; Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Chytridium stellatum (Petersen) Koch 1951 ≡ Diplochytridium stellatum (Petersen) Karling; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytridium telmatoskenae Fott; Preslia 29:278–319, fig. 11:5–10. 1957
Parasitic; Telmatoskene mucosa; pond; Volary, central BOHEMIA

Chytridium turbinatum Kobayashi & Ookubo 1954 ≡ Diplochytridium turbinatum (Kobayashi & Ookubo) Karling Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002 disagree. See: Mycotaxon 83:183–190

Chytriomyces Karling 1945 includes Amphicypellus Ingold 1944; I.J. Dogma: Philipp. J. Biol. 5:121–142 (p. 136). 1976. Dogma lists Chytriomyces as “nomen conservandum”; however Chytriomyces is not on the conserved list in the Tokyo Code. For a taxonomic summary of the genus and designation of C. hyalinus as lectotype, see: P.M. Letcher and M.J. Powell, 2002. A taxonomic summary of Chytriomyces (Chytridiomycota). Mycotaxon 84:447–487. (includes key to species of Chytriomyces)

Chytriomyces angularis Longcore; Mycologia 84:442–451, figs. 1–28. 1992
Saprobic; pollen, snake skin; lakes, Sphagnum; MAINE, USA. ≡Lobulomyces angularis D.R. Simmons [Lobulomycetaceaae, Lobulomycetales] Mycological Research 113:450–460, 2009

Chytriomyces annulatus I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 18:349–365, figs. 1–18. 1969
Saprobic; pollen, snake skin; leaf litter and forest soils; USA. ≡Irineochytrium annulatum (Dogma) Letcher, Longcore and M.J. Powell [Chytridiaceae]. Mycologia 106:1188–1198. 2014; epitype declared

Chytriomyces confervae (Wille) A. Batko; ZH, p. 210. 1975 ≡ Chytridium confervae (Wille) Minden 1915

Chytriomyces cosmarii Karling; Sydowia 20:119–128, figs. 1–7. 1967
Parasitic; Cosmarium spp.; soil; hillside sheep paddock, Taita, NEW ZEALAND

Chytriomyces elegans (Ingold) I.J. Dogma; Philipp. J. Biol. 5:121–142 (p. 136). 1976
Amphicypellus elegans Ingold 1944

Chytriomyces gilgaiensis Willoughby; Arch. Mikrobiol. 52:101–131, fig. 6 a–l. 1965
Parasitic; Nowakowskiella crassa; soil; gilgai depression, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

Chytriomyces heliozoicola Canter; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 49:633–638, fig. 1. 1966
Parasitic; Raphidiocystis lemani in plankton of lakes; E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM.

Chytriomyces hyalinus Karling emended by Bostick; J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. 84:94–99. 1968

Chytriomyces hyalinus var. granulatus Karling; Sydowia 20:119–128, figs. 8–15. 1967
Saprobic; corn leaves, chitin, and snake skin; soil; widespread in NEW ZEALAND

Chytriomyces laevis Karling; Nova Hedwigia 44:137–139, figs. 1–18. 1987
Parasitic; Pythium; soil, stream bank; PANAMA

Chytriomyces macro-operculatus Karling; Nova Hedwigia, 34:645–668, figs. 24–38, 1981
Saprobic; cellophane & corn cotyledons; sandy organic soil; Isla Orquidia, VENEZUELA

Chytriomyces macro-operculatus var. hirsutus Karling Nova Hedwigia 34:645–668, figs. 39–45. 1981
Saprobic; cellophane; sandy organic soil; Isla Orquidia, VENEZUELA

Chytriomyces mammilifer Persiel; Arch. Mikrobiol. 36:283–305, figs. 9, 10. 1960
Saprobic; pine pollen; soil from altitude of 4 K; ECUADOR

Chytriomyces mortierellae Persiel; Arch. Mikrobiol. 36:283–305, figs. 6,7. 1960
Parasitic; Mortierella; soil sample; summit of Piz Buin, AUSTRIA

Chytriomyces multi-operculatus Sparrow & I.J. Dogma Arch. Mikrobiol. 89:177–204, fig. 5. 1973
Saprobic; pine pollen; shallow, black soil; DOMICHIGANNICAN REPUBLIC

Chytriomyces nagatoroensis Konno Sci. Rep. Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku Sect. B 14:227–292, Pl. 4, fig. X. 1972
Parasitic-weak; Spirogyra sp.; water?; Nagatoro (Saitama Prefecture), JAPAN

Chytriomyces poculatus Willoughby & Townley Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 44:177–184, fig. 3, Pl. 14. 1961
Saprobic; snake skin; soil; E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM
≡ Lobulomyces poculatus (Willoughby & Townley) D.R.Simmons [Lobulomycetaceae, Lobulomycetales] Mycological Research 113:450–460, 2009

Chytriomyces reticulatus Persiel; Arch. Microbiol. 36:283–305, fig. 8. 1960
Parasitic; Pythium proliferum; soil; flower pot; Gottingen, GERMANY

Chytriomyces reticulosporus I.J. Dogma; Philipp. J. Biol. 12:385–408, figs. 10–21. 1983
Parasitic; Phlyctochytrium punctatum; cultivated soils; Luzon, PHILIPPINES

Chytriomyces rhizidiomycetis I.J. Dogma Philipp. J. Biol. 12:385–408, figs. 1–9. 1983
Parasitic; Rhizidiomyces bivellatus; cultivated soils; PHILIPPINES & JAPAN

Chytriomyces rotoruaensis Karling; Arch. Microbiol. 70:266–287, figs. 1 P–Y, 2 A–S. 1970
Saprobic; purified shrimp chitin; mud; cooled thermal pool, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND

Chytriomyces suburceolatus (Willoughby) Willoughby; Nova Hedwigia 7:133–150. 1964. ? Chytridium suburceolatum Willoughby 1956

Chytriomyces vallesiacus Persiel; Arch. Mikrobiol. 36:283–305, fig. 11. 1960
Saprobic; pine pollen; soil; “Felsband am Rimpfischhorn im Wallis,” AUSTRIA

Chytriomyces verrucosus Karling; Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 87:326–336, figs. 19A–19K. 1960
Parasitic; Karlingia rosea; soil; Lafayette, INDIANA, USA

Chytriomyces willoughbyi (Willoughby) Karling; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 36:165–178. 1968
Chytridium parasiticum Willoughby 1956

Dangeardia appendiculata (Zopf) Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970; Key to Dangeardia
Scherffeliomyces appendiculatus (Zopf) Sparrow 1936

Dangeardia echinulata A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435, figs. 6–20. 1970.
Parasitic; Vitreochlamys (Sphaerellopsis) aulata; pool near Vistula River, Warsaw, POLAND

Dangeardia molesta (Canter) A. Batko; ZH, p. 179. 1975 ? Entophlyctis molesta Canter 1965.

Dangeardia sporapiculata Geitler; Sydowia, 16:324–330, figs. 1–2. 1963.
Parasitic; Chlamydomonas palmaloid stage; lake near Lunz; AUSTRIA

Dangeardia sporapiculata var. minor Geitler (? no type); Oesterr. Bot. Z., 112:603–609, 1965.
Parasitic; Heleochloridis pallidae; soil: Schladming, AUSTRIA

DANGEARDIANA Valkanov [Chytridiales]; Arch. Mikrobiol., 48:239–246. 1964 (no Latin diagnosis) A. Batko:
Acta Mycol., 6:407–435, 1970 (validation of genus + key to related forms). Karling doubts need to separate from Dangeardia;
CI, p. 100. 1977

Dangeardiana apiculata (Braun) A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970
Entophlyctis apiculata (Braun) Fischer (1892); also see Karling: CI p. 100. 1977

Dangeardiana eudorinae Valkanov (no Latin diagnosis) Arch. Mikrobiol., 48:239–246, figs. 1–12. 1964.
Parasitic; oospores of Eudorina elegans; water; Sofia, Bulgaria
Dangeardiana eudorinae Valkanov ex A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970

Dangeardiana leptorrhiza (Johns) A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970 Scherffeliomyces leptorrhizus Johns 1956

Dangeardiana sporapiculata (Geitler) A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970.
Dangeardia sporapiculata Geitler 1963

DELPHINACHYTRIUM Vélez & Letcher [Chytridiales; insertae sedis] MB#MB801577. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013

Delfinachytrium mesopotamicum Vélez & Letcher MB#MB801578. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013
Saprobic; pollen bait; aquatic; marsh in Entre Rios Province, ARGENTINA

DENDROCHYTRIDIUM Letcher, Longcore & M.J. Powell [Chytridiales, Chytridiaceae] MB#803847. Mycologia 106:145–153. 2014

Dendrochytridium crassum Letcher, Longcore & M.J. Powell. MB#803848. Mycologia 106:145–153. 2014
Saprobic or parasitic; pollen bait and Dictyuchus encysted zoospores; aerial tree detritus; Australian Tropical Research Centre, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA

DICTYOMORPHA Mullins; Amer. J. Bot., 48:377–387. 1961
?Pringsheimiella Couch 1939 (homonym)

Dictyomorpha dioica Couch ex Mullins; Amer. J. Bot., 48:377–387, figs. 1–37. 1961
Parasitic; Oomycetes; Mirror Lake, Highlands, NC, USA ? Pringsheimiella dioica Couch 1939

Dictyomorpha dioica var. pythiensis N. Sarkar & R. Dayal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. India, Sect. B, 58:403–406 figs. 1–10. 1988
Parasitic; Pythium aphanidermatum; Kurukshetra Pond, Varanasi, U.P., INDIA

DINOCHYTRIUM Lesham, Letcher & M. J. Powell [Chytridiaceae, Chytridiales] MB#813312. Mycologia 108:731–743. 2016
Parasitic; isolated from living Peridinium gatunense; Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), ISRAEL

DIPLOCHYTRIDIUM Karling [Chytridiales]; Arch. Mikrobiol., 76:126–131. 1971. Segregate of Chytridium Braun. But see: W.H. Blackwell et al. 2002. Regarding the the separation of Diplochytridium spp. from Chytridium sensu lato, see: Mycotaxon 83:183–190.

Diplophlyctis asteroidea I.J. Dogma + key to chitinophilic Diplophlyctis spp.Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 67:255–264, figs.1–3. 1976. Saprophytic; chitin; acid bogs; northern MICHIGAN, USA.  I retain Asterophlyctis Petersen for chitinophilic species.

Diplophlyctis buttermerensis (Will.) Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol., 66:203–219, 1969 ? Nephrochytrium buttermerense Willoughby 1962. A. Batko retains N. buttermerenseZH, p. 220. 1975

Diplophlyctis chitinophila Willoughby; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 45:121–136, fig. 5. 1962.
Saprophytic; chitin; submerged mud; lakes, E.L.D., U.K. Probably a species of Asterophlyctis.

Diplophlyctis complicata (Willoughby) Dogma; Nova Hedwigia, 25:143–159. 1974 ? Nephrochytrium complicatum Willoughby 1961

Diplophlyctis nephrochytrioides Karling; Sydowia, 20:109–118, figs. 36–67. 1967
Saprophytic?; Nitella, moribund internodes; Lake Ohau; CANTERBURY PROVINCE, N.Z.

Diplophlyctis sarcoptoides (Petersen) I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia, 25:121–141, 1974. Dogma (loc.cit.) designated figs. 1–38 on Pls. I–IV as neotype. ? Asterophlyctis sarcoptoides Petersen 1903. I retain Asteroplyctis as a genus for A. sarcoptoides [Chytridiaceae]. Also see: Letcher et al. Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018.

Diplophlyctis sexualis Haskins 1950 ? Nephrochytrium sexuale (Haskins) A Batko; ZH, p. 220. 1975

Diplophlyctis versiformis I.J. Dogma; Philipp. J. Biol., 5:121–142, figs. 1–25. 1976
Saprophytic; shrimp chitin; Bryant’s Bog, Smith’s Bog; MICHIGAN, USA, should probably be in Asterophlyctis Petersen

Entophlyctis Fischer 1892; D.J.S. Barr emended and placed in Spizellomycetales; Canad. J. Bot., 58:2380–2394. 1980. Longcore et al. rejected emendment and described Powellomyces for Entophlyctis (sensu Barr, 1980); Canad. J. Bot., 73:1385–1390. 1995. Entophlyctis (sensu Fischer) is in Chytridiales, see Longcore; Mycologia, 87:25–33. 1995, but type species not isolated.

Entophlyctis apiculata (Braun) Fischer 1892 ?  Dangeardiana apiculata (Braun) A. Batko; Acta Mycol., 6:407–435. 1970

Entophlyctis bulligera (Zopf) Fischer (1884) = Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae  (Cienkowski) Sparrow (1857); D.J.S. Barr: Canad. J. Bot., 49:2215–2222. 1971

Entophlyctis bulligera var. brevis S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 44. 1988.
Saprophytic ?; vegetative Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Entophlyctis caudiformis S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 47. 1988.
Saprophytic ?; Closterium; tank; Lucknow U., INDIA

Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae (Cienkowski 1857) Sparrow; D.J.S. Barr (Canad. J. Bot., 49:2215–2222. 1971) considers the following synonyms: = E. bulligera (Zopf) Fischer; = E. vaucheriae; (Fisch) Fischer, = E. helioformis (Dangeard) Ramsbottom; = E. rhizina (Schenk) Minden; Powell & Koch do not consider E. bulligera a synonym; Canad. J. Bot., 55:1668–1685. 1977

Entophlyctis crenata Karling; Sydowia, 20:109–118, figs. 1–12. 1967.
Saprophytic; Vallisneria sp.; small brook; WELLINGTON PROVINCE, N.Z.

Entophlyctis filamentosa in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:215. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Entophlyctis helioformis (Dangeard) Ramsbottom 1886; = Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae (Cienkowski) Sparrow; D.J.S. Barr: Canad. J. Bot., 49:2215–2222. 1971

Entophlyctis lobata Willoughby & Townley; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 44:177–184. figs. 1–2, Pl. 13, 1961.
Saprophytic; shrimp chitin bait; littoral of Derwentwater, E.L.D., U.K.

Entophlyctis luteolus Longcore [Chytridiaceae]; Mycologia, 87:25–33, figs. 1–20. 1995.
Saprophytic; onion skin and Utricularia; bogs and acid lake; Maine, USA

Entophlyctis mammilliformis S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 46. 1988.
Saprophytic ?; oospores of Spirogyra; pond; Mohanlalganj, east of Lucknow U., India

Entophlyctis molesta Canter; J. Roy. Microscop. Soc. London, 84:549–557, figs. 1–4. 1965
?Parasitic; Stylosphaeridium stipitatum; phytoplankton; English lakes, U.K. ? Dangeardia molesta (Canter) A. Batko 1975

Entophlyctis obscura Sparrow & I.J. Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol., 89:177–204, fig. 2. A–S. 1973;
Saprophytic; pine pollen bait; soil; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Entophlyctis reticulospora P. Cook; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc., 49:545–550, Pls. 28–29. 1966;
Parasitic; Closterium moniliferum et al.; swampy area; Cheboygan Co., MICHIGAN, USA

Entophlyctis rhizina (Schenk) Minden 1858 = Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae (Cienkowski) Sparrow; D.J.S. Barr; Canad. J. Bot., 49:2215–2222. 1971

Entophlyctis sphaerioides S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 48. 1988.
Saprophytic ?; reproductive body of Spirogyra; ditch, Sultanpur Road, SE of Lucknow U., INDIA

Entophlyctis texana Karling 1941; See Sydowia, 20:109–118. 1967 for 1st published figs. In habit and morphology this species strongly resembles an “orange Endochytrium” that I have found in moribund cells of the aquatic plant Eriocaulon (the habit of Karling’s species) in Maine, New York and Michigan.

Entophlyctis variabilis (Karling) Cejp; Omagiu lui Traian Savulescu, 129–138. 1959.
Phlyctorhiza variabilis Karling 1947; ?Catenophlyctis variabilis (Karl.) Karling 1965

Entophlyctis variabilis Powell & Koch [non E. variabilis (Karling) Cejp 1959] (homonym) Canad. J. Bot., 55:1668–1685, figs. 1–36. 1977. Saprophytic; pollen and Paspalum leaf; soils; NC, USA. ?   Powellomyces variabilis Powell & Koch ex Longcore et al. 1995; ? Geranomyces variabilis (Longcore et al.) D.R.Simmons. Mycologia 103:1411–1420. 2011

Entophlyctis vaucheriae (Fisch) Fischer 1884 = Entophlyctis confervae-glomeratae (Cienkowski) Sparrow 1857. D.J.S. Barr; Canad. J. Bot., 49:2215–2222. 1971

Entophlyctis willoughbyi Bradley; Amer. J. Bot., 54:577–582, figs. 1–7, 9. 1967 (fossil) In fossil plant parts; Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA. I do not recognize fossil species placed into genera with extant members. Some genera in different orders of the Chytridiomycota can be distinguished from each other only with difficulty when alive; it is impossible to say to what order, and thus to what genus a fossilized organism belongs.

FAYOCHYTRIOMYCES WJ Davis, Letcher, Longcore, and MJ Powell [Chytridiomycota, Chytriomycetaceae] MB#810999. Mycologia 107:432–439. 2015

Fayochytriomyces spinosus (Fay) WJ Davis, Letcher, Longcore, and MJ Powell  MB#811000. Mycologia 107:432–439. 2015.Epitype declared as UACCC WJD186 plus Figs 2 & 3 and 28S rDNA sequence KM281875 in GenBank. ≡ Chytriomyces spinosus Fay (1947).

KRISPIROMYCES Taylor, Hass & Remey, Mycologia 84:901–910. 1992  Fossil; compared to Phlyctochytrium

Krispiromyces discoides Taylor, Hass & Remy, Mycologia, 84:901–910, figs. 21–24, 27. 1992;
Fossil consistently associated with Palaeonitella cells; Lower Devonian, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND, U.K.

LYONOMYCES Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia, 84:901–910. 1992
Fossil; compared to Rhizophydium.

Lyonomyces pyriformis Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia, 84:901–910, figs. 16–20. 1992
fossil, on outer surface of Paranitella walls; Lower Devonian; Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND

Macrochytrium botrydiella in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol., 35:215. 1982;  Nom. nudum

Macrochytrium botrydioides var. minutum S.N. Dasgupta & R. John (no Latin diagnosis); Bull. Bot. Surv. India, 30:1–82, fig. 67. 1988
Saprobic; submerged pears as bait; tank; Lucknow U., INDIA

Micromyces furcata Rieth; Kulturpflanze, Beiheft 3:286–295, Pl. 2 A–H. 1962
Parasitic; Spirogyra longata; Stechlinsee region; GERMANY

Micromyces grandis Miller 1955 Ξ Synchytrium grandis (Miller) Karling; “Synchytrium“, Academic Press, NY. p. 124. 1964

MICROMYCOPSIDACEAE Subramanium; Curr. Sci. 43:722–723. 1974. Family not included by D.J.S. Barr; HP, p. 463, 1990.

MILLEROMYCES Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia 84:901–910, 1992 
Fossil genus compared to Endochytrium.

Milleromyces rhyniensis Taylor, Hass & Remy; Mycologia 84:901–910, figs. 2–15. 1992
Fossil associated with Palaeonitella cells; Lower Devonian; Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND, UK.

Miller’s dentate” = named as Odontochytrium milleri Ve´lez and Letcher, MB#801484. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013

Mitochytridium regale S.K.M. Hassan; Acta Mycol. 18:155–160, figs.1–4, Pl. I. (1982) 1986
Saprobic; snake skin bait; pond; Lazienki Royal Garden, Warsaw, POLAND

Obelidium megarhizum Willoughby Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 44:586–592, fig. 1, Pl. 37. 1961
Saprobic; termite wings; submerged mud; Malham Tarn, U.K.

ODONTOCHYTRIUM Vélez and Letcher [Chytridiales, Chytriomycetaceae] MB#801483; Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013

Odontochytrium milleri Vélez and Letcher MB#801484. Mycologia 105:1251–1265. 2013
Saprobic; widespread on pollen and chitin baits; aquatic; type from TIERRA DEL FUEGO, ARGENTINA

PENDULICHYTRIUM K. Seto & Y. Degawa MB#821132 [Chytridiales, Chytriomycetaceae] Mycoscience  2017

Pendulichytrium sphaericum K. Seto & Y. Degawa MB#821171. Mycoscience  2017

Phlyctidium apophysatum Canter 1947 emended by H. Canter; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 44:522–528, figs. 1–3 & Pl. 34, figs.1–10. 1961;
Parasitic; Mougeotia; E.L.D., U.K. Ξ Canteria apophysata (Canter) Karling 1971

Phlyctochytrium aureliae 1945 Ajello = Phlyctochytrium variable 1954; T.W. Johnson; Norw. J. Bot. 22:249–257. 1975

Phlyctochytrium chandleri Sparrow; Arch. Microbiol. 104:39–49, figs. 6–9. 1975
Saprobic; pollen; soil; oasis, TUNISIA

Phlyctochytrium circulidentatum Koch Mycologia 61:1021–1030, figs. 1–3, 11–17. 1969;
Saprobic; pollen and moribund Closterium; bottom debris; Ravenal Lake, NORTH CAROLINA, USA

Phlyctochytrium cystoferum Willoughby; Arch. Mikrobiol. 52:01–131, fig. 1 a–h. 1965
Saprobic; grass leaf bait; soil from heath; Victoria, AUSTRALIA;
Ξ Polyphlyctis cystofera (Willoughby) A. Batko; ZH, p. 183. 1975

Phlyctochytrium dissolutum S.N. Dasgupta & R. John; Bull. Bot. Surv. India 30:1–82, fig. 37. 1988;
Saprobic ?; Closterium; tank, garden; Lucknow U., INDIA

Phlyctochytrium furcatum Sparrow; Arch. Mikrobiol. 53:178–180, figs. 1–9. 1966
Saprobic; pine pollen; almost dry bog with Vaccinium; MICHIGAN, USA

Phlyctochytrium hirsutum Karling; Sydowia 20:86–95, figs. 3–10. 1967;
Saprobic; purified shrimp chitin; soil; NEW ZEALAND

Phlyctochytrium incrustans Sparrow & Lange; Canad. J. Bot. 55:1879–1890, figs. 19–22. 1977
Saprobic; pine pollen; bog; Emmet Co., MICHIGAN, USA

Phlyctochytrium indicum Karling; Sydowia 17:285–296, figs. 16–31. 1964;
Saprobic; pine pollen; brackish soil; Rhamnad Dist., Madras, INDIA

Phlyctochytrium irregulare Koch; J. Elisha Mitchell. Sci. Soc. 73:108–122, figs. 13–24. 1957
Saprobic; Liquidambar pollen and Paspalum leaves bait; wet soils; NORTH CAROLINA, USA

Phlyctochytrium lackeyi Sparrow; Mycologia 68:1233–1234, figs. 1–4. 1976
Saprobic; pollen; Punch Bowl; Milford, FLORIDA, USA

Phlyctochytrium macrosporum Sparrow; Mycologia 70:40–149, figs. 1–14. 1978
Parasitic?; live pine pollen; neuston; Newnan’s Lake, FLLORIDA, USA

Phlyctochytrium mangrovii Ulken; Veröff. Inst. Meeresforsch. Bremerhaven 13:217–230, figs. 1,2. 1972
Saprobic; pine pollen and cattle hair; mangrove muds; Cananeia, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL

Phlyctochytrium marilandicum Sparrow; Mycologia 65:1331–1336, figs. 1–11. 1973
Saprobic; pollen; woodland soil; MARYLAND, USA

Phlyctochytrium megastomum Karling; Mycopathol. Mycol. Appl. 36:165–178, figs. 1–17. 1968
Saprobic; bleached corn leaves; soil; Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS.
P. irregularis Koch 1957 (Sparrow opinion, unpublished)

Phlyctochytrium mucosum Sparrow & I.J. Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol. 89:177–204, fig. 1, J–M. 1973
Saprobic; pine pollen bait; soil; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Phlyctochytrium multidentatum Umphlett; Mycologia 61:1021–1030, figs.4–10. 1969
Saprobic; sweet gum pollen; “soil & water” Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA, USA

Phlyctochytrium neuhausiae Sparrow; Proc. Iowa Acad. Sci. 81:2–5, figs. 10–14. 1974
Saprobic; pine pollen; soil; Delphi, GREECE

Phlyctochytrium palustre Gaertner 1954 (not validly published)
Spizellomyces palustris Gaertner ex D.J.S. Barr; Canad. J. Bot.62:1171–1201. 1984

Phlyctochytrium parasitans Sparrow & I.J. Dogma; Arch. Mikrobiol. 89:177–204, fig. 2, T–U. 1973
Parasitic; Achlya flagellata eggs; damp soil; Carretara Duarte, HISPANIOLA

Phlyctochytrium peruvianum Knox (not validly published) PhD thesis, VPI, Blacksburg, VA. 1970
Spizellomyces punctatus (Koch) D.J.S. Barr 1984

Phlyctochytrium planicorne Atkinson 1909 emended by Umphlett & Holland; Mycologia 52:429–435. 1960
Rhizophydium digitatum Scherffel 1926; T.W. Johnson: Norw. J. Bot. 22:249–257. 1975
See: P.M. Letcher and M.J. Powell, 2005. Phylogenetic position of Phlyctochytrium planicorne [Chytridiomycota, Chytridiales] based on zoospore ultrastructure and partial nuclear LSU rRNA gene sequence analysis. Nova Hedwigia 80:135–146

Phlyctochytrium plurigibbosum D.J.S. Barr; Canad. J. Bot. 47:991–997, figs. 44–52. 1969
Saprobic; pine pollen; soil; Ottawa, ONTARIO, CANADA
Ξ Spizellomyces plurigibbosus (D.J.S. Barr) D.J.S. Barr 1984

Phlyctochytrium powhatanense Roane; Mycologia 65:531–538, figs. 1–2, 15–20. 1973
Saprobic; rotifer, chitin, snake skin; impoundment; Pulaski Co., VIRGINIA, USA

Phlyctochytrium punctatum Koch; J. Elisha Mitchell. Sci. Soc. 73:108–122, figs. 1–16. 1957
Saprobic; Liquidambar and pine pollen bait; soil; NEW GUINEA; Ξ Spizellomyces punctatus (Koch) Barr 1984

Phlyctochytrium recurvastomum Knox & Paterson; Mycologia 65:373–387, figs. 11–18. 1973
Saprobic; pollen; soil; McMurdo area, ANTARCTICA

Phlyctochytrium rhizopenicillium Knox (not valid pub.) PhD thesis, VPI, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA. 1970

Phlyctochytrium semiglobiferum Uebelmesser 1956
Ξ Gaertneriomyces semiglobiferus (Uebel.) D.J.S. Barr; Canad. J. Bot. 58:2380–2394. 1980

Phlyctochytrium spinosum Sparrow; Mycologia 65:1331–1336, figs. 12–16. 1973;
Saprobic; pollen ?; soil from spring-fed meadow; HawaiI, USA

Phlyctochytrium variable Rieth 1954; = Phlyctochytrium aureliae Ajello 1945; T.W. Johnson; Norw. J. Bot. 22:249–257

Phlyctochytrium vaucheriae Rieth 1956; Ξ Blyttiomyces vaucheriae (Rieth) I.J. Dogma; Mycologia 61:1149–1158. 1969

Phlyctorhiza variabilis Karling 1947
Ξ Entophlyctis variabilis (Karling) Cejp; Omagiu lui Traian S?vulescu 129–138. 1959
Ξ Catenophlyctis variabilis (Karling) Karling; Amer. J. Bot. 52:133–138. 1965

Podochytrium chitinophilum Willoughby; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 44:586–592, fig. 2, Pl. 38. 1961
Saprobic; termite wings; Wastwater, E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM

Podochytrium dentatum Longcore; Mycologia 84:183–192, figs. 1–29. 1992;
Saprobic; chitin; lake, circumneutral pH; MAINE, USA

Podochytrium ellerbeckense Willoughby; Nova Hedwigia 5:335–340, Pl. 53 a–w. 1963
Saprobic; waterlily leaf stalks; garden pond; E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM

Polyphagus asymmetricus Valkanov (no Latin diagnosis); Arch. Protistenk. 106:565–568, Pl. 44. 1963
Parasitic; Botrydiopsis; hyponeuston, southern BULGARIA

Polyphagus elegans Canter; Nova Hedwigia 5:419–428, Pls. 74–76. 1963
Parasitic; Ulothrix mucosum; plankton; Windermere, E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM

Polyphagus euglenae Nowakowski, For TEM of zoospores see M.J. Powell; Can. J. Bot. 59:2049–2061. 1981

Polyphagus hyponeustonica (Valkanov) Karling; CI, p. 174. 1977 (sp. not validated)
Ξ Arnaudovia hyponeustonica Valkanov 1963 (no Latin diagnosis)

Polyphagus serpentinus Canter; Nova Hedwigia 5:419–428, Pls. 71–73. 1963
Parasitic; Spondylosium spp.; lakes; E.L.D., UNITED KINGDOM

Polyphagus starrii Johns; Mycologia 56:441–451, figs. 1–6, 1964
Parasitic; Eudorina, Pandorina, et al.; Stonewall Pond, MASSACHUSETTS, USA

POLYPHLYCTIS Karling [Chytridiales]. Sydowia 20:86–95. 1967

Polyphlyctis cystofera (Willoughby) A. Batko; ZH, p. 183. 1975; Ξ Phlyctochytrium cystoferum Willoughby 1965

Polyphlyctis unispina (Paterson) Karling; Sydowia, 20:86–95. 1967 Ξ Phlyctochytrium unispinum Paterson 1956

Polyphlyctis willoughbyi Letcher [Chytridiales, Chytridiaceae] MB#825370; Fungal Biology 122:1171-1183. 2018
Saprobic, onionskin bait, Clyde River mud, Conjola, Morton National Park, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA 

Pringsheimiella dioica Couch 1939 (homonym and no Latin diagnosis)
Ξ Dictyomorpha dioica Couch ex Mullins; Amer. J. Bot. 48:377–387. 1961

RODMANOCHYTRIUM M.J. Powell & Letcher [Chytridiales; Chytriomycetaceae] MB#830008; Phytologia 101:175–187. 2019

Rodmanochytrium pyriforme M.J. Powell & Letcher MB#830009; Phytologia 101:175–187. 2019
Saprobic; water and moist soil; chitin bait; Washington County, Alabama, UNITED STATES

Rodmanochytrium sphaericum M.J. Powell & Letcher MB#830010; Phytologia 101:175–187. 2019
aquatic sample; chitin bait; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, UNITED STATES

Scherffeliomyces appendiculatus (Zopf) Sparrow 1936 Ξ Dangeardia appendiculata (Zopf) Batko; Acta Mycol. 6:407–435. 1970

Scherffeliomyces leptorrhizus Johns 1956 Ξ Dangeardiana leptorrhiza (Johns) A. Batko; Acta Mycol. 6:407–435. 1970

SCHERFFELIOMYCOPSIS Geitler [Chytridiales]; Oesterr. Bot. Z. 109:205–275. 1962

Scherffeliomycopsis coleochaetis Geitler; Oesterr. Bot. Z. 109:250–275, figs. 1–8. 1962
Parasitic ?; Coleochaete soluta et irregula; littoral; Lunzer Untersee, lower AUSTRIA

SEPTOSPERMA Whiffen ex Seymour [Chytridiales]; Mycologia 63:83–93, 1971
Ξ Septosperma Whiffen 1942 (no Latin diagnosis); See Blackwell & Powell for nomenclatural review; Mycotaxon 42:43–52. 1991

Septosperma anomalum (Couch) Whiffen ex Seymour; Mycologia 63:83–93, 1971
Ξ Septosperma anomala (Couch) Whiffen 1942. (genus not valid when combination made)

Septosperma irregulare (Karling) I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 25:121–141. 1974
Ξ Asterophlyctis irregularis Karling 1967

Septosperma multiforma Canter; species described before genus validated; Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 46:305–320, figs. 4–7. 1963
Parasitic; developing cysts of algae; lakes; E.L.D., U.K.;
Ξ Septosperma multiforma Canter ex Milanez; Rickia 6:63–70. 1974

Septosperma rhizophidii Whiffen ex R.L. Seymour; Mycologia 63:83–93, 1971
Ξ Septosperma rhizophidii Whiffen 1942 nomen nudum;
Emended by W. Blackwell and M. Powell; Mycotaxon 42:43–52. 1991

Septosperma spinosa Willoughby; species described before genus validated; Arch. Mikrobiol. 52:101–131, fig. 5 a–h, 1965
Parasitic; Rhizophydium coronum; heath; VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA; Ξ Septosperma spinosa Willoughby ex Milanez; Rickia 6:63–70. 1974

Solutoparies Whiffen 1942. W.H. Blackwell and M.J. Powell, 1998. Nomenclatural validation of (Solutoparies, Chytridiomycetes). Mycotaxon 67:463—467

SPARROWIA Willoughby [Chytridiales]; Nova Hedwigia, 5:335–340. 1963 
Emended by I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia 19:503–509. 1970

Sparrowia parasitica Willoughby; Nova Hedwigia 5:335–340. Pl. 52. 1963
Parasitic; oogonia of a watermold; soil; north of Thirlmere, E.L.D., U.K.

Sparrowia subcruciformis I.J. Dogma; Nova Hedwigia, 19:503–509, figs. 1–16. 1970
Parasitic; various chytrids; forest soil, leaf litter; Cross Village, MICHIGAN, USA

SPARROWMYCES in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:206. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Sparrowmyces sparrowii in S.N. Dasgupta; Indian Phytopathol. 35:206. 1982; ? nomen nudum

Sphaerita dinobryi Canter; J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. 84:56–61, fig. 1, & Pl. 1,2. 1968
Parasitic; Dinobryon sertularia; lakes; E.L.D., U.K.

Sporophlyctidium neustonicum Sparrow; Mycologia 70:140–149, figs. 15–25. 1978
Parasitic; living pine pollen; neuston; Newnan’s Lake, FLORIDA, USA

WHEELEROPHLYCTIS Letcher & M.J. Powell [Chytridiales, Asterophlyctaceae] MB#826904. Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018
Type = W. interior

Wheelerophlyctis interiexterior Letcher & M.J. Powell MB#826906. Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018
Saprobic; chitin bait; fen at edge of Perch Pond, Penobscot County, MAINE, USA. Ex-type strain = JEL857

Wheelerophlyctis interior Letcher & M.J. Powell MB#826905. Fungal Biology 122:1109–1123. 2018. Ex-type strain = MP058
Saprobic, chitin bait, aquatic sample, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, ALABAMA, USA; JEL524 from Maine, USA is also in W. interior

ZOPFOCHYTRIUM M.J. Powell, Longcore & Letcher [Chytridiales, Chytridiaceae] MB#825642. Fungal Biology 122:1041–1049. 2018

Zopfochytrium polystomum (Zopf) M.J. Powell, Longcore & Letcher, comb. nov. MB#825643. Fungal Biology 122:1041–1049. 2018. ≡Cladochytrium polystomum Zopf Nova Acta Akad Leop.-Carol. 47:234. 1884